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Fidelity Dining

Catalpa Systems, Inc.

53 W. Jackson Blvd, Suite 552

Chicago, IL 60604


Ph: 312-663-3658 x208


Programs that Provide Insight and Knowledge - Building Customer Loyalty and Sales


  • IDENTIFY your most valuable customers
  • UNDERSTAND how to maximize their value
  • RECOGNIZE and REWARD their experiences
  • EXPAND your repeat customer base
  • IMPROVE your overall business performance

Grow your base of loyal repeat customers. Recognize them with the respect they deserve. Fidelity Dining Programs motivate repeat visits and invaluable positive word-of-mouth promotion by establishing and rewarding long-term guest relationships.

Our Customers using these Loyalty and Gift Card programs experience:

  • Increased Guest Satisfaction
  • More repeat visits
  • Continued new customer enrollment
  • Additional Sales
  • Improved Profits!

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