Customer Loyalty Programs Your Way!

Capture member activity in Real-Time! Communicate with your members often and productively!

  1. Mailings: Tailored to marketing objectives using a variety of flexible criteria
  2. Email Blasts: Tailored to marketing objectives using a variety of flexible criteria
  3. Point of Sale: POS receipt messaging
  4. Website: Member enrollment, customer profile maintenance and points balance inquiries

Detailed transaction history at menu item level for dining activity including day, time, location, server and items ordered. Standard Reporting includes activity analysis, liability and fraud detection.

Real-time points program accumulates and redeems instantly with the ability to recognize and reward customers directly at the point of sale.

All Inclusive Low Monthly Fee!

Complete Database Management and Security
Unlimited E-mail Blasts or Direct Mail List Generation

All transactions included - no additional fees

On-Line Data Mining and Reporting from Data Warehouse
Integration from your website for Member Profile and Activity

In-Store functions from POS Terminal

  • Card Swipe (or manual entry) of account number to capture purchases
  • Redemption of reward certificates or electronic rewards
  • Split check balances between multiple members
  • Look-up or adjust member point balance, profile and history directly from POS terminal
  • Guest check receipt messages - customize to promote their activity
  • Automatic recovery from network failure or interruption
  • Provide Instant Rewards of items or points redemption

Web-Based functions

  • Customer enrollment and member profile updates
  • Check Points balance and view history
  • Password protection
  • Promotional messages

Interactive Voice functions

  • Check Points balance
  • Store Locator with Directions


  • Rewards when a specified number of points are earned
  • Bonus points or special rewards for promotions
  • Bonus points for new member referral
  • Birthday and Anniversary cards to members and family
  • Custom promotions

Customer Service and Reporting functions

  • Member profile update
  • Process paper applications
  • Fulfill Web enrollments
  • Record and track customer service calls
  • Mailing list generation and email blasts per a multitude of criteria
  • Automatic deactivation of inactive members
  • Customer service call statistics
  • Customer service complaint reports
  • Sales analysis reports
  • Fraud detection and Accounting Liability reports
  • Complete Data Warehouse and Mining Tool - drill down to what's really happening - then export it to your favorite application or create a graph of the results.

Drive your sales with Customer Satisfaction!

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