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Gift and Stored-Value Cards

Stored Value and Gift Cards

Fidelity Dining Programs are:

Fully Integrated with your POS

Fast and Easy to Set-up

Flexible, Scalable and Affordable

Flexible, Scalable and Affordable


Full-function Card Programs that include purchases and redemption at POS, web-based purchases and card balance inquiry plus interactive voice balance inquiry. Programs also support employee and personal card use. Complete with Sales Analysis, Accounting Liability and Fraud Detection reports.

In-Store functions from POS terminal

  • Card sales. Multiple cards per sale. Multiple denominations per sale.
  • Card swipe for card usage, re-charge or balance look-up
  • Automatic discounts for large purchases
  • Automatic recovery from network failure or interruption

Web and Interactive Voice functions

  • Card purchase for self or as gift to another
  • Check Card balance

Customer Service functions

  • Phone sales of Gift Cards
  • Fulfillment of Web orders
  • Gift Card balance adjustments
  • Optional monthly fee on dormant cards
  • Reports for sales analysis, fraud detection and accounting liability

Employee Card features

  • Business usage
  • Personal usage


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